Top 10: Ugliest wives of professional athletes

When's Kim showing up?

As Vig said about professional athletes winning the genetic lottery, there are certain things that go hand in hand with that gift. First off, you get a ton of money.  When the median salary in all major pro sports is well over $1 million, that’s a good starting point. So what follows highly fit and rich men? Hot women.  After the Yankees win the World Series this year, watch the parade down the Canyon of Heroes. The camera will show lots of players riding high with their model caliber wives. It will be worth your time to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s the sports Illuminati taking control, but pro athletes marry attractive women (Big Triple Girardi nod). However, call them outliers, maybe people who truly believe beauty is on the inside, or ones that got hooked in before they were famous, but some athletes have ugly wives. Here’s the top 10 with some eye candy and reasoning behind it:

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#10 – Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian. Photo. You’ve probably seen this couple all over TV and they just don’t fit. Sure Khloe isn’t disgusting, but she’s certainly not her sister, Kim. She’d be on the opposite list, which you’ll also see here at fitzandvig.

#9 – Kurt & Brenda Warner. Photo. Here’s a case of someone getting hitched before he made it famous. Luckily he was successful enough to pay for a ton of plastic surgery on Brenda later in life.

#8 – Miguel & Alejandra Tejada. Photo. Another one of the not really gross women, and this one even seems to find herself quite sexy. Just google her. My issue is that she tries way too hard. Let your beauty talk, not sultry poses with your chest flopping around.

#7 Allen & Tawanna Iverson. Photo. Not much to say here that the photo doesn’t do for me. Since they’re both ugly, had Allen not been an all-star point guard, they probably would have found each other naturally.

#6 Philip & Tiffany Rivers. Photo. Take a look at that photo. Doesn’t she just look like the classic “mom”? I’m sure she looked quite different when they first started dating. At least she’s still in good shape.

#5 Kendrick & Vanity Perkins. Photo. I generally like Kendrick Perkins and his style of play. However, I do not agree with his style of women. Looks like she could be his backup at center.

#4 Donovan & Raquel McNabb. Photo. After a little research I found out that “Roxie” has been with Donovan since their college days at Syracuse. Good for her holding on. I’m sure D’s days in Philly were littered with girls trying to take her spot.

#3 Jeff & Ericka Bagwell. Photo. Jeff is a few years past his prime so I’ll say that Ericka is too. Though it does seem like she’s quite the humanitarian. Good job marrying with your brain, not your eyes, Jeffy.

#2 Cliff & Kristen Lee. Photo. This one really surprised me. Cliff is a youngish guy. Been successful for a while. In very good shape, and a multimillionaire. Kristen looks like the girl that should be hanging out with C.J. Wilson’s girlfriend to make her look even hotter. You missed the boat on this one, Cliff. I’m sure she’s a great cook.

#1 Victor & Margaret Martinez. Photo. Catchers aren’t necessarily known to get the hottest women in the world, but Victor has had quite a career. I know that these two young lovers have been together since they were 17. I searched far and wide, but no photo of Margaret Martinez in her younger days was available so I have to go with what I see now. This is a rough one. She looks tough, she looks mean, and the main reason you got this spot is because you married a former Redsox.

Well there they are gang. I know I left out a few. I had a deep field and had to narrow it down to 10. Let me know who you think I should add in next time or what you think of the chosen few.