Time to stock up on ’87 Topps

You have probably seen these baseball card vending machines in grocery stores, drug stores and shopping malls. If you’re anything like me, you are drawn to these things like Cecil Fielder to a buffet. The first time I saw one of these dispensers was about 8 years ago. Over the course of two weeks I probably invested $50 in an assortment of ’86 Topps, ’89 Fleer, ’90 Donruss, and ’91 Leaf cards. Whoever owned that machine must have loved me. As the value of sports cards has plummeted, these cards are now virtually worthless. Remember when Topps Stadium Club came out in the early ’90’s for about $3 a pack? That blew my mind and I’d buy one here and there on a special occasion. Now, these machines are begging me to pick up a case worth for about 50 cents each. How’s that for inflation?