Joe Girardi gets a reprieve due to Freddy Garcia’s finger

Today was to be the day that Big Triple Girardi had planned to cut down his starting staff from 6 to 5. According to Fitz and Vig, that time was overdue, but it looks like Big Trip Skip will get another week to make his decision. Freddy Garcia has a minor, very minor, cut on his right index finger but it’s enough for him to miss his start. Good news for guys like CC Sabathia so he can maintain his pace for 300 wins (CC300), bad news for Yankees fans because we need to sit through another A.J. Burnett start (prediction, 6 innings, 4 runs). In my eyes The Chief (Garcia) is our #3 starter behind CC300 and Ivan Nova so I don’t like him missing an easy victory over the Kansas City Royals. I’ll await your decision in a few days, Girardi.