The New York Yankees are just tired

It’s no big secret that the Yankees have been struggling lately. After winning 9 of 10, they went on a 4 game losing streak where the team just looked deflated. A normal schedule has a baseball team off most Mondays, plus a Thursday mixed in here and there. However, due to a wet spring and a hurricane in August, the New York Good Guys have had to make up a lot of games over the past couple of weeks. This includes playing every day so far this month, and 16 games overall in the past 15 days. Games have been at home, on the road, in different time zones, and even a 3 day stretch where they played a home game vs the Orioles, then in Baltimore the next day, only to immediately hop on a plane across the country and play the old California Angels the next evening. I’m making a proclamation not to worry. As the Redsox are wearing themselves out trying to stay ahead of the dangerous Tampa Bay Rays, we should be able to coast into the playoffs. That’s when the fun begins.