Kim Kardashian files for divorce. Athletes rejoice.

It sure didn’t take long, but Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce. Her marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries  (who?) lasted a whopping 72 days. I’ve been inside buffets longer than that. So why is this sports news? Other than the fact that her soon to be former beau was a pro basketball player, but she traditionally dates athletes. Think Reggie Bush, and I’m sure quite a few others. Here’s how it hits home for us New York Yankees fans. As reported multiple times here on, both Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are recently single. I suspected that these two future hall of famers would be going wild on the attractive eligible women during this off season, and who would be a bigger prize than Kim Kardashian? You know the two of them have a friendly gentleman’s wager on who can land Kardashian first. So what do you think? Will DJ4k and his innocent look get her? Or will Arod and his bad boy reputation pull her over to the darkside? One thing is for sure, neither relationships will last until opening day in April, and that’s a good thing.