Daily Archives : November 2, 2011

Flashback: 1986 New York Yankees Roster

While the boys in Flushing were busy destroying the National League, our New York Good Guys were stammering through a dismal 1986 season with a roster straight off of the scrap heap.  Tommy John, Ed Whitson, Joe Neikro, Mike Easler…  stop me when you give a crap.  Point is, the boy wonder (Cashman) was a 19 year old intern, learning…

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Theo Epstein makes his first big move

It didn’t take long but Theo Epstein is putting his touch on the Chicago Cubs organization. Today he gave the boot to manager Mike Quade. He’s no Tony LaRussa, but many thought quite highly of Quade. Personally, who knows, who cares, he wasn’t coach of the Yankees. Though I wonder if he let his players drink beer in the clubhouse?

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