3 more MLB Labor Agreement details

A few days ago, the players union and owners ironing out their most recent CBA was a big deal. It insured more labor peace, but the news of it all seemed to pass quietly. I wrote a post recently headlining how some of the major details will effect the Yankees, and now some more info is leaking out. I read an article over on another site, here, which covers these items and here’s what I think is important. 1) Rosters will be expanded by 1 for doubleheaders. That’s good news. If you have a slug fest in the first game or extra innings, the teams bullpens won’t be too drained. I expect most teams will add an extra pitcher. 2) All players elected to the All-Star game will be required to play, unless injured. Just call this one the Derek Jeter rule. Last year DJ4K took a pass on the mid-season classic and it pissed off a lot of baseball brass. 3) Instant replay is expanded to include fair/foul balls and trapped catches. I’m a big fan of this one. Baseball plays are very cut and dry. You can tell if the ball is fair or foul usually on the first replay. Same with a trapped catch. I’m all for it. Lets get the call right!