Hot Stove: David Ortiz Would Play For The Yankees

During his charity golf event, David Ortiz delicately addressed the possibility of playing for the New York Good Guys in 2012.  His quotes are murky, at best, but the point is that Ortiz wants a paycheck next year and obviously he’s not in a position to rule any teams out.  Certainly not the team with the deepest pockets, winningest tradition and best looking fans (Bombers, baby).  Check out the quotes right here.  That being said the Yankees don’t need a full time DH… chances of seeing Ortiz in pinstripes are slim.

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One thought on “Hot Stove: David Ortiz Would Play For The Yankees

  1. Pinstripes are not flattering for a big dude like him anyway. Seeing Ortiz in pinstripes … nothing “slim” about that picture at all.

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