Daily Archives : January 3, 2012

Yu Darvish honors the Rangers with his presence

You didn’t think that Fitz and Vig would let go of the Yu Darvish talk when the Yankees lost out on the bidding process, did you? We hate that the Rangers won that bidding war with a $51.7 million dollar posting fee, but now they have the tough task of signing the big rightie. Darvish has arrived in Texas for…

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Rutgers Mohamed Sanu will enter NFL Draft

Rutgers best player since Ray Rice has declared that he will forego his senior season and enter the NFL Draft. Mohamed Sanu set a school and Big East record with 115 catches this season and will leave as Rutgers all time receptions leader. A lot of people (like Fitz) were praying Sanu would come back as Rutgers has a lot…

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Alex Rodriguez and Orthokine

The Lightning Rod (Steve Somers nod) travelled to Germany this week for Orthokine treatment to his bothersome right knee.  The treatment includes drawing a patient’s own blood, centrifuging the blood protein from the rest of the fluid content, then injecting it into the target location. 

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