Daily Archives : February 9, 2012

How much did the Yankees miss out on with Yu Darvish?

A few months back we thought that Yu Darvish was heading straight to New York. The Yankees needed pitching and he would have been a great fit. Through a few twists and turns, the Texas Rangers lost CJ Wilson and needed a replacement. They blew everyone out of the water in their posting fee (>$50 million) and got Darvish. Now¬†analysis¬†on…

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Less people visiting ESPN.com; falls to third

There is a new #2 in town. According to January 2012 comscore ratings, foxsports.com is now the #2 most viewed sports website. #1 is still far and away Yahoo Sports with 55 million unique viewers. FoxSports 38.6 million uniques in January compared to ESPN’s 38.2 million. This is the first time in over 4 years that ESPN.com has not been…

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Kenny Powers sends open letter to Tim Tebow

If you’re a fan of Fitz and Vig, then you’re probably also a fan of Kenny Powers’ character in Eastbound and Down. In a little pre-promotion for season 3, which starts on Feb 19th, Kenny Powers has sent an open letter to Denver Broncos QB, Tim Tebow. I read the letter, which I can not paste here due to language…

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