Giants must resign Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz, the New York Giants most electrifying player is earning near the league minimum this season. His $540,000 salary is hardly enough to compensate a guy that has turned the Giants from a ground-and-pound team, to one who can score on 70+ yard plays.

Let’s take a quick look at Cruz’s accomplishments over the past 2 season. His receiver line was 82, 1536, and 9. He was top 10 in the league in all of those categories. The 1536 yards also qualified as a Giants single season record. Oh yeah, and don’t forget that bad-ass 99 yard yard TD he had against the New York Jets last season. Many people say this reception sparked the team to their Super Bowl run.

Victor has not slowed down this season. After 7 games he is third in the league in receptions (50), fourth in yards (627), and 1st in TD’s with 7. You can see double digit TD’s on the horizon for Cruz. When was the last time a Giants receiver did that?

Cruz now demands the respect of the opposing team’s best corner back. With Hakeem Nicks getting healthy this should help his production as well.

Ok so now i’ve proven that Victor Cruz is a great player, so whats’ next? Now we lock this guy in or a few years. I’m all or over paying him because we’ve gotten such a great deal the past few season. So sign him to a Santonio Holmes esque 5 year $45 million dollar deal and justify it by averaging in the value of his rookie contract.

I know I speak for all Giants fans when I say how bad I want to keep that Cruz Salsa Dancing on our team.