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Sergio Garcia is a racist punk

Sergio Garcia continues to dig the hole deeper…  as is the group of PGA officials that are trying to come to Sergio’s defense.  Little advice for ol’ Fuzzy, er, Sergio:  the phrase “no comment” will work wonders for you.  And as for the PGA, time to suspend Garcia and the idiotic Euro tour CEO that is tried to defend the little twerp.

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Tiger Woods wins Chevron World Challenge

It’s been a long two years for Tiger Woods. Since his well publicized infidelity and breakup incident, he has not won a single PGA tournament. Well it looks like things might be looking up for Tiger as he won the Chevron World Challenge today by one stroke and a -10 for the tournament. I’m sure the PGA and advertisers love…

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Top 10: Most hated athletes

I’m going to say it’s because of the ridiculous amounts of money they make, but it’s very easy to hate professional athletes. It could also be that they make a career out of playing a game, or that they only have to work a few years and then retire in southern Florida for a lifetime of relaxation. Whatever reason it…

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Michael Jordan trying to get Tiger out of his funk

Whenever two  all time greats of their sports interact, it’s big news (Big Triple Girardi nod). This one is mostly one-sided but Yahoo Sports is reporting that Michael Jordan is giving some advice to Tiger Woods on his comeback trail. These two have a lot in common. Both are avid golfers, performed their fair share of infidelity, been the greatest…

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Tiger Woods Comeback: Will play at WGC Bridgestone Invitational

Let the Tiger Woods comeback commence.  Woodsy (Joe Girardi nod) has announced that he intends to play in the upcoming WGC Bridgestone Invitational.  Strangely, FitzandVig did not receive their invites.  Clerical error, clearly, and we’ll get ‘em next year.  Finally, something to look forward to in pro golf, other than hoping for a Happy Gilmore sighting.  Let’s go Eldrick.

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Tighten it up, Tiger

We get it Eldrick, life fell apart.  Your home life blew up publicly, sponsors turned their back on you, your caddy went public with dirty laundry, you played the emotional angle in the media and the whole approach didn’t really click.  You’ve had a brutal stretch.  Personally, professionally, emotionally, physically, economically and probably every other “ally” in the book (see: spiritually). …

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