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New York Mets Call up Zack Wheeler

With Matt Harvey already blazing his exciting trail through his first full year in the big leagues, the Metropolitans have decided that now is the time, for blue chip prospect Zack Wheeler.  According to, Wheeler is the 8th best prospect in baseball.  Considering that the Mets have very few bright spots (Harvey, David Wright) in an otherwise tough season, promoting Wheeler seems…

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Yanks Keep Winning and Joe Girardi is a Genius

Don’t look now, baseball fans.  But the New York Baseball Yankees are the toast of the town babyyyyyyyy.  Now that the Knicks got flushed out of the playoffs, anyway.  Joey Baseball aka Hardy Girardi is getting his team to play .636 baseball (second best record in the bigs) with a roster full of has-beens and never weres.  After starting the…

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Los Angeles Angels already playing Catch-up

What does Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, Jared Weaver, and Mike Scioscia get you after 33 games? The answer is a 11-22 record and 4th place in the AL West. You know your team has major issues when you’re only 1.5 games ahead of the Houston Astros. At 9.5 games behind the Texas Rangers, this may end up being…

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