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Boston Red Sox sign Shane Victorino

The sad Boston Red Sox realized they had few marquee players left, so today they signed Shane Victorino. After last years mid season sell off and eventual meltdown, the last place Red Sox needed to do something to keep fans coming to the ball park. In usual Boston fashion, they over paid for Victorino, offering $39 million over 3 years.…

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Carl Crawford Pressured by Boston to Play Injured

Carl Crawford spoke to the Los Angeles media for the first time since the blockbuster trade between the Dodgers and Boston Red Sox in August of 2012.  Crawford said that he regrets having waited until July to have reconstructive elbow surgery, but that the pressure of playing in Boston compelled him to play while he was injured.

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2012 Postseason Format Huge Success for MLB; Selig

It’s tempting to dive into the statistics and back stories of any one of the riveting MLB LDS games that we’ve been treated to over the last 48 hours. Just ahead of another round of 2 more game 5’s, it may be a good idea to step back and give MLB; Bud Selig a bit of credit. Four series, four…

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Curt Schilling: Bobby Valentine Gutless

Curt Schilling hates Bobby Valentine. Bobby Valentine questioned the loyalty of his coaching staff. Bobby V managed the Red Sox to the franchise’s worst record since 1965. Remember when Valentine was throwing cheap shots at the Yankees during Spring Training? Yeah, but, Bobby Valentine built a fence… and a deck.

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Top 10 Things Red Sox Fans Can Do This October

As the weather turns perfect, summer fades and winter approaches, sports fans will inevitably become more excited.  From our younger years, we find that fall was the start of something new as every school year presented new chances at making teams or winning a state title.  From College football, NFL, MLB playoffs to major marathons (Chicago Marathon and New York Marathon),…

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Terry Francona named Indians Manager

The Cleveland Indians have hired Terry Francona to take over their team as Manager next season. Francona has a strong resume from when he coached the Boston Red Sox, including 2 World Series championships. We don’t need to go over what happened with the Red Sox epic collapse at the end of the 2011 season, but it’s safe to say…

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