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Miami Big 3 Coming Up Small

Game 3 goes to the San Antonio spurs in blowout fashion.  Lebron looks frozen (scared).  Wade is hurt (I guess).  Bosh is just horrendous.  We’re only three games in, yes.  But it looks like a long offseason is in the works, for the King of South Beach and his crew.

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Lebron James: Shaken and Stirred

Game 1 goes to the Spurs in Miami.  The San Antonio Spurs have taken Lebron James out of his comfort zone, and it has affected his King-ness in the worst way.  James has seemingly reverted back to his deer-in-the-headlights, pre-2011 self.  You remember that Lebron, right?  The guy that would bumble and stumble his way through playoff games, rationalizing why…

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Filomena Tobias Middle Finger to Joakim Noah

The middle finger salute has earned Filomena Tobias some publicity – she’s become a web sensation overnight due to her performance during game 2 of the Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls series.  Tobias is the widow of former CNBC commentator Seth Tobias.  And she clearly hates Joakim Noah (or she was just drunk).

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