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Justin Tuck Firewalking His Way to Another Ring

Watch out NFL, Justin Tuck is walks through flames, baby!  JT went to see Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker aka life coach aka coal-stoker aka rich dude aka banana hands.  Tuck underperformed last season (now has 9 combined sacks in two years) and his post game news conferences always felt like he was over doing the philosophical-isms and underdoing the sack-the-QB-isms.  With…

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Is Geno Smith a Head Case?

Geno Smith went from a potential #1 pick, to draft day lead balloon, to draft day deserter, to choking back tears when he was asked a couple of questions by Suzy Kolber.  Yeah, sounds like the dude to lead the New York Jets to the promised land.

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No one wants Tim Tebow

After a lackluster 2012 with the New York Jets, Tim Tebow is out of a job. His pride is getting in the way of his NFL career as teams only seem to want him to play tight end. The man with the weak, inaccurate, arm, insists that he’s a big league QB, but the General Manager contingent disagree. The latest…

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