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Mike Francesa falls asleep live on air

You have to watch this video. Sweeny Murti was giving his classically boring, long winded, and bothersome Yankees update to WFAN Radio host Mike Francesa. ¬†Watch as Francesa’s head dips down lower and lower as each moment goes by. At the end he pops up and pretends like nothing happened. Looks like the big guy is getting old. That grey…

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Was Yes Network’s Kim Jones hot?

Remember Kim Jones? Up until this year, she had been covering the Yankees on the Yes Network for the prior 7 seasons. Now that the world is full of hot sideline reporters that pretend they know what they’re doing (we’re looking at you Erin Andrews and Kacie McDonnell), Kim Jones seemed to actually know what she was talking about. She…

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Chad Johnson needs to create himself in Madden ’13

Right on the heels of my previous post about Santonio Holmes commenting on Madden ’13, Chad Johnson realized that he’s not in this years version of the game. From a guy who is usually all about himself, this was a pretty funny self deprecating tweet by him. I still wouldn’t be surprised that Johnson picks up with a team in…

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