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Top 25 All Time Seattle Mariners

One of my fellow writers did his 25 man all-time roster for the Mets and it got me thinking about my Seattle Mariners.  So here is a list of my all-time Mariners.  I came up with 25 players with 17 position players and 8 pitchers. Catcher – Dan Wilson – played in 1251 games for Seattle and drove in 508…

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Joe Girardi and Ivan Nova show cowardice

I was going to title this article something more powerful, but I toned it down a bit. I didn’t want to outright call the two cowards or chickens, but they certainly showed some elements of being yellow bellies on Wednesday afternoon. As I’m sure you saw here on fitzandvig.com, our highest paid player (not best, just highest paid) had his…

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Alex Rodriguez breaks hand. Out 6-8 weeks

The Yankees third baseman’s rough season just got a bit worse. He was drilled in the wrist last night by Seattle Mariner’s pitcher Felix Hernandez. Arod immediately fell to the ground in severe pain and you could tell something was wrong. Big Triple Girardi pulled him right away from the game and an hour later X-Rays confirmed that Alex Rodriguez…

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How much did the Yankees miss out on with Yu Darvish?

A few months back we thought that Yu Darvish was heading straight to New York. The Yankees needed pitching and he would have been a great fit. Through a few twists and turns, the Texas Rangers lost CJ Wilson and needed a replacement. They blew everyone out of the water in their posting fee (>$50 million) and got Darvish. Now analysis on…

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YES Network: Yankee Hot Stove

YES Network crew discusses Yankees Hot Stove Are the Yankees targeting a #2 starter?  Gio Gonzalez is mentioned. What kind of package would it take to obtain Felix Hernandez? Does Russ Martin deserve a multi year deal from the Good Guys? Jack Curry continues his dominance over other YES Network talent

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Will the Redsox ever lose again?

As a die-hard Yankees fan I’m not one to settle for second place. However, I’m getting close to the point where I may have to settle for the wild card and take my chances when we get there. The Redsox have absolutely been on fire since that rough 20 game stretch to start the season. Last night was just a…

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