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Tiki torched? Barber shopping comes up empty.

So how’s that unretirement thing going Tiki?  Yeah, not so good, big fella.  After spurning his teammates, burning his coach and earning his television pink slip, it looks like Tiki is having trouble turning his availability into an actual roster spot.  After being released by the New York Football Giants, being denied by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and told to…

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Randy Moss retires… the nation weeps.

Say it ain’t so Randy!  Proving that forced retirement is still a kind of retirement, Randy “The Freak” Moss has announced (via his agent, Joel Segal) to the world what 32 NFL teams already knew: that he will not be playing pro football to the start the 2011 season.  Mossy (Big Triple Girardi nod) has grown tired of the challenges provided by today’s…

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