During Vig’s athletic “career” he was the kid with the dreaded P word… Potential.  Smooth, gliding and yet dangerously clutch, he was the guy that perhaps looked like a natural or like he wasn’t giving max effort, depending on your perspective.  Vig himself is very frustrated by those types of players, which is quite ironic.  Vig is now a dad, a rec league guy and an avid fan of talking/watching/blogging sports.  He drinks with buddies, smokes cigars, digs gadgets, works out and does a bunch of other typical guy stuff.  But he also appreciates differing (smart) points of view and gets genuinely fired up when he encounters unique thinking.  So if you see a post that you like or dislike, contribute your perspective in the form of a comment.

Sports of Interest:

MLB – New York Yankees.  Fav player – Mo.

NFL – New York Giants.  Fav player – LT.

NBA – New York Knicks.  Fav player – The Big Fella.

NHL – New York Americans.  Fav player – Don’t know, I wasn’t born yet.

CBB – Syracuse and UNC – Fav player – Melo

WNBA – Wherever Diana T is playing

WCBB – UConn and whoever is playing the Vols


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